Wreathed in
Tide & Torment

A police detective haunted by his fey-touched past. A thief who will do whatever it takes to survive. And an alliance that could bring them the freedom they crave—or shatter everything they’ve fought for.

Enforcer to the city’s most vicious crime laird, there’s little Aly hasn’t stooped to, whether that’s stabbing her boss’s rival in the back or selling her own magic to wealthy citizens.

When she’s arrested for a murder she didn’t commit, she’s prepared for the worst. But the inspector surprises her, offering amnesty in exchange for her aid. It’s a chance to escape her boss’s cruelty and start afresh—as long as the detective never finds out that she’s guilty of far more than petty crime.

After escaping his fey captor nine years ago, Calum fled to Mossburgh, a city where Faerie is nothing more than an old superstition. He’s pieced his life back together, finding purpose in his job as a detective inspector. But that job is now in peril, after he chose his morals over securing a conviction.

Solving the murder of a local politician is his last chance to salvage his career, and he’ll use all the resources at his disposal to succeed, even trusting a criminal he suspects knows more than she admits.

As they chase the bloody connections linking the victim to the crime lairds and even the fey, they form an unlikely friendship, finding love where they least expect it. But the more secrets they unearth, the closer the investigation veers towards Aly’s more unpalatable crimes and the danger that Calum will uncover the truth about her. And the more they learn, the more Calum questions if he even wants to salvage his career at all.

Wreathed in Tide & Torment is the first book in a new gaslamp fantasy trilogy, set in a world inspired by Scottish history and folklore and brimming with magic, intrigue, and romance.

Wreathed in Tide and Torment

The Eskalian Fey #2

Coming in 2025

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The Eskalian Fey #3

Coming in 2026